Monday, January 28, 2013

Nobody's listening to me

The 1st Session of the Royal Commission of Inquiry of immigrants in Sabah (RCI) proceedings has been interesting reading for me. The only conclusion I can come up with is that it doesn't matter who you are or where you come from, so long as you are willing to vote for the ruling party.

I would suggest that everyone reads Malaysiakini and the online media to get an unbiased report of the RCI. A good summary can  be found at the Singapore Straits Times on 24th January at page 13, titled "Anwar denies involvement in Ics-for-votes scheme" (sorry but I couldn't find an online link from pressroom).

The good news for stateless Indians in this country (whether numbering 40,000 (govt. figures) or 400,000 (opposition figures)), is that they can become citizens if they can listen, listen, listen (as instructed by Sharifah), and promise to vote for the ruling government. Our NRD will give them instant blue identity cards and the election commission will immediately register them as voters.

It was very disturbing to read online that a 39 year old security guard (Sugumaran) died (who I understand (from media reports) was mentally unstable), and the post mortem from Selayang Hospital concluded that his death was due to heart failure. Even assuming that we can accept Selayang Hospital post mortem reports as gospel truth (folks, if you can remember, T. Kugan's initial post mortem report was given by the same hospital) the question is what led to the heart attack? The family of the deceased and the public made numerous claims that he was beaten to death by a mob in the presence of police officers, while he was handcuffed. Further, people who identified the deceased's body at the hospital, claimed that the deceased was still handcuffed, and his face was smeared with tumeric. I'm wondering why our Indian champions are not doing anything about this, when they can make so much of noise about the Batu Caves Development and the demolition of an altar in a private dwelling house. The government and the police must take the death of Sugumaran as a serious matter - I can smell foul play and a cover up - which is usual for PDRM. A 2nd independant post mortem should be done immediately to ascertain what led to the heart attack and the actual cause of death.

The government should take full responsibility because the fact that the deceased was handcuffed before his death clearly shows that he was arrested before his death. Therefore Sugumaran died while in custody of the police. The deputy CPO of Selangor should know this, since he is a law graduate.

My family and I were extremely saddened to hear that William Yau was found dead. The manner in which this innocent young boy went missing has been bothering me. I don't intent to speculate or cast aspersions against any party except to say that a detailed and thorough investigation needs to be conducted. Maybe it is time to review the laws relating to children and young persons protection - if we can remember, sometime ago last year, a teacher left her son in her car, and he died. This death was due to human negligence, and relevant laws should be enacted to give ensure that caregivers understand their responsibilities.

Suara Wanita 1 Malaysia (SW1M) chief, Sharifah Zohra Jabeen must be a fan of LinkinPark, specifically the song, Nobody's Listening. The question that arises is, why was no stern action taken against her, when every quarter including BN component party leaders have expressed their utter disappointment to the manner in which she conducted herself, and in the way in which she told a Malaysian to leave the country. oops. I'd better stop here. She may be a Dato tomorrow.

Glory Glory Man United!


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