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Over the last few weeks, reports have been trickling in within the child protection community of children being orphaned (one or both parents having passed away) by the pandemic (or where the unaccompanied child’s parent(s) has been isolated at the hospital) and left at home without caregivers or left at the hospital. Concerned doctors who know of such children, have taken on the onerous duty of trying to locate next of kin where possible. Where the cases have come to the attention of NGOs, swift action has been taken, but it is clear that what we know is merely the tip of the iceberg.  In a Straits Times report  dated 14th August 2021 , the Minister in the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry stated that 33 children in Malaysia had lost their parents or guardians to the Covid-19 pandemic.  These figures were contradicted by a Metro Harian report dated 24th August 2021  which reported that the Ministry of Education had said that figures between March and August this year re

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