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Before I begin my thoughts on working at Muhendaran Sri, I thought about writing this piece and doing so in the most honest and accurate manner I can think of. What I decided to do is to write notes to any predecessor as well as anybody interested in placing their feet into the firm (and maybe any firm). I did so not just with the intention of sharing what I learned either by observation or by being taught but also to give an earnest attempt in breaking down what I went through. Hence, the format is a personal diary that I will update every month. I'll break down my experiences in the timeline below: My first week Nervous would be an understatement. The nerves did not really subside after a month. It persisted all the way to the end but it just shifted to excitement after some time. Even at the interview stage, I hoped that my apparent confidence didn’t betray how I really felt. I didn’t want to feign modesty nor overestimate the value I can add, I was more concerned with let

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