Wednesday, March 01, 2017

We're Moving!

After 18 years in Jalan Bangsar, we're moving next week to The Zhongshan Building (a circa 1950s building that has been newly restored) in Kampung Attap. With the restoration, The Zhongshan Building has become a sort of arts commune and our neighbours will include Malaysia Design Archive, The Ricecooker Archives, Tandang Store, Bogus Merchandise, Artist Studio, Reading Library by Amateur Collective and others.

We're very excited about the move - it's going to be a very real change from what we've become accustomed to in Jalan Bangsar.

Our new offices are full of windows!!! and light!! and green views!!! We have rooms!!! and a courtyard!!! (The exclamation marks are a clear sign of insanity I know - but what can I say - we're in the midst of moving office. It's mad here. I will post pictures soon once we have got over the insanity of the actual packing and actual moving).
Most of our clients, friends, neighbours and ex-staff however have greeted this news with sadness and dismay, with the most common statement being, "how can you move out?" and I can see you looking at me with dismay in your eyes as you read this and think the same thing...

to which, I have this piece of advice dear reader - DON'T PANIC!

You know, to be honest, we're going to miss Jalan Bangsar too. I bet there're going to be many days in the coming weeks when we automatically drive here only to realise that we've moved office.

We're going to miss (in no order of preference):
-our neighbours (the mamak shop downstairs that delivers food and drinks to us,the clinic where we can pop in for a chat or a panadol, the motor bike mechanics, shoe guy and various loafers and hangers on who keep an eye out for us and tell us when our car numbers have struck big on the 4D,
the chinese restaurant uncles who've now got hip bicycle neighbours, paneer's stall at the food court, the people over at the corner nasi lemak joint.

- people popping in to say hello because they were just around the corner or at the clinic or the speedmart

- the orange colour reception.

But that's about it really. We're not going to miss the parking problems and the dirty staircase and the fact that it's pretty lonely after 6.30p.m. Plus we've got some nice new neighbours, and different kinds of food, and a place that you can really pop into.

We're officially moving in on 11th March 2017. Come unload a box if you're in the neighbourhood.

Business as usual on 13th March 2017.

It's all to the good.  Come visit ya.

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