Tuesday, September 17, 2013

last weekend

Last Sunday, the 15th of September, I had the pleasure of reading in our mainstream media, our beloved prime minister's decision to reward Bumiputras in this country for their loyalty to the government. Many initiatives were announced as being in the pipeline to assist/help the Bumiputras in  this country. Many UMNO politicians lauded this decision to reward to the extent some UMNO politicians went on to state that it is within the Malaysian constitution to reward Bumiputras.

I would appreciate if these politicians or any one of you can point out to me which Article of the Federal Constitution or any case law which supports this proposition.

I agree wholeheartedly that all Bumiputras, especially the Sabahans and the Sarawakians, and the orang asli in the Peninsular should be given all the opportunity to uplift the social economic status. However, I am unclear as to how these so-called initiatives will be implemented to benefit these neglected groups.

My gut feeling is that the implementation of these initiatives may end up only benefiting certain sectors of the Bumiputras. Past records seem to support this.

I also disagree that only the Bumiputras are loyal to the government. It seems to me that our beloved Prime Minister has forgotten his pledges to the people prior to GE13. Has 1 Malaysia been flushed down the drain?

I was glad that PAS has taken the stand that it is not within their ideology to reward 1 particular race. PAS has taken the stand that all deserving groups should be given a helping hand by the government. Please see the PAS' president's statement on this. Perhaps it is time for MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP and all other Barisan component parties to relook their allegiances.

I was very disturbed to read that part of Chin Woo school in Pudu may be making way for a Sri Melayu restaurant. It seems to me that there is a subtle movement in place to irritate the Chinese community. Similarly, the Hindu temple in Jalan P. Ramlee that was almost destroyed by a government agency ignoring the promises made by our PM not to do so. I was told that this promise is in writing.

Glory glory Man Utd.

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