Thursday, May 31, 2012


It has been more than 7 weeks since I last blogged. This is due to various reasons, but can be summarised to one word 'lazy'.

Since 9th April 2012, a lot of events have taken place such as moodaliar's son being kidnapped. Our govt and police force put in a lot of effort to solve this kidnapping. Due thanks should also be given to our mainstream media for highlighting this kidnapping. Perhaps similar attention would also be given if a poor man's child is kidnapped.

I don't intend to say anything about Bersih 3.0, except to highlight the manner in which some Malaysians behaved after the event. for example the infamous bum exercise, the burger stall, the thosai stall, and the small traders' intention to set up stalls.

It is my view that whether or not the rakyat did break the law on 28 April 2012, excessive force or violence towards the rakyat, by the police, cannot be condoned. I was there on that day, and I know what I witnessed.

The most shocking news that I heard recently is the  Evidence (Amendment) (No2) Act 2012, which was passed in Parliament, whereby the burden of proof is now on the blogger, to prove his innocence.

On a personal note, five months of 2012 are over - nothing much has been done, things seem to be rather slow on all fronts, speculation is high as to the next general election. I've been given to understand that the 2012 budget may be tabled on 28th July 2012, this year - so people, when is the election? after raya or the end of the year?

I need to make a note that the roads in PJ have not been maintained, especially the roads at the Jalan Gasing roundabout and in Section 14. Someone tell me who to call , and I'll get on it right away.

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A little off the subject ... the bullying to think positive has gone far enough, where lies reality.
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